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Welcome to KSIR!

Korea Sotheby's International Realty (KSIR)
Proceed with safe and transparent digitization using the verified IP of high-end artworks,
Furthermore, through the offline NFT gallery operated by KSIR and the offline exhibition promoted
It marks the beginning of a new artistic and cultural connection that transcends substance and space.


The marketplace, which has been expanded to the real economy through on/offline, presents a new paradigm in the fields of culture and art.


We provide benefits that you can enjoy as a member of the community, such as the VIP lounge, special auctions, individual exhibitions, and holder parties. Suggest continuous retention motivation through active communication between the project and the holder..

fragmental investment

On the platform, you can purchase as many digital divisional ownerships of artworks as you like, and the history is recorded transparently on the blockchain. When the work is sold, the sale price is paid according to the share held.

Establishment of KSIR integrated platform

The KSIR platform has overcome the limitations of previous platforms, which were somewhat limited, by creating a market environment in which the currency used is unified and high-end artworks can be traded in its own marketplace.

Convergence of online and offline art marketplace

In a market that has grown explosively through the pandemic, KSIR's ultimate goal is to contribute to and lead the growth of the rapidly changing culture and arts market. It will be a bridge that freely connects exhibitions and galleries where you can meet high-end works, and furthermore, NFTs of high-end works with the web.

Realization beyond the original

The KSIR platform discloses all history to users from the time of the first upload of the work to the final purchase history to prevent the possibility of counterfeit products appearing at the source. This will be the safest system to protect artists and users.


CEO: Kelly

Current) Chairman of LK Partners INC Co., Ltd.
Ex) Representative of Coupang Eats' primary partner company
Ex) Judge of Musclemania (Tan Entertainment)
Ex) Permanent Vice President of Fitness Star (Tan Entertainment)
Ex) Pilates Star Advisor (Tan Entertainment)
Ex) The Look of the Year Planning Committee Chairman (Fashion)
Ex) Advisory Committee Chairman Miss Sexy Baek
Ex) Vice President of Fitness at NAC Korea

COO: Park Changhyeon

WOONO I.T Group Chairman
MEFLEX Entertainment Chairman
Chairman Sai42
Director of Art Harang
Director Gallery S

CTO: Eli Lee

LG Electronics
Android Framework & PIMs Development

Dow Technology Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd.
HTS/MTS/Overseas Server Development
Development of real-time market conversion/inspection/verification system
Develop real-time push server

CFO: David

All Kiwoom Investment Advisory CEO
Member of the Small General Association (KITIA, 2021)
IBK Financial Specialist
WM Business Department of SK Securities

CMO: Robert

General manager of Jeff Metaverse Co., Ltd.
Jeff World, General Manager of Metaverse Prototype Development
Representative of OASIS VR Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Love Revolution Virtual Date Game Development
TEXAS HOLDEM VR Development Executive Launching World's 2nd
CEO of JW NEST Co., Ltd.
NV VISUALWORKS representative
NC SOFT Lineage 2 Development Team, Lineage 3 Development Team


Philip – Information

Blockchain Today Magazine Publisher

Sean Jong – Tokenomics

K-tune CEO

James – Marketing

Director of Meflex Entertainment (Limited Company)

Leanna – Marketing

3double0 OWNER

Paul – financial

Current) Managing Director of VI Financial Investment

Korea Sotheby’s International Realty

Our Partners

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